Barclays boosts Wei to global head of leveraged finance.

February 6, 2024
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  • Barclays has promoted Na Wei to lead its leveraged finance unit globally.
  • Na Wei is a former Financial News Rising Star of Investment Banking.

Barclays has announced the promotion of Na Wei to the position of sole head of leveraged finance globally. Na Wei, who was previously recognized as a Financial News Rising Star of Investment Banking, will now have full control over the UK lender’s leveraged finance division. This move comes as Barclays continues to strengthen its leadership team in the face of growing competition in the leveraged finance market.

The promotion of Na Wei is seen as a strategic move by Barclays to position itself as a dominant player in the leveraged finance sector. Leveraged finance, which involves providing loans to highly-leveraged companies, has become an increasingly important market for banks in recent years. With Na Wei at the helm, Barclays hopes to capitalize on this market and gain a competitive edge over its rivals.

Na Wei’s track record and expertise in the leveraged finance field make her a natural fit for the role. She has demonstrated exceptional dealmaking skills over her years of service at Barclays, and her promotion is seen as a recognition of her contributions to the firm.

This move also reinforces Barclays’ commitment to nurturing talent and promoting from within. Na Wei’s rise through the ranks from Rising Star to leader of the leveraged finance unit is a testament to the bank’s dedication to developing its employees and providing them with growth opportunities.

Barclays’ decision to appoint Na Wei as the sole head of leveraged finance is likely to have a significant impact on the bank’s leveraged finance business. She will be responsible for driving growth, managing risks, and strengthening relationships with clients and investors in the leveraged finance market worldwide.

As the global leveraged finance market continues to expand, competition among banks intensifies. Barclays’ choice to promote Na Wei reflects its strategic focus on this market and its desire to stay ahead of its competitors. Na Wei’s appointment positions Barclays well for success in the leveraged finance sector, and the bank will undoubtedly benefit from her leadership and expertise.

In conclusion, Barclays’ promotion of Na Wei to head its leveraged finance unit globally demonstrates the bank’s commitment to the sector and its confidence in Na Wei’s capabilities. With Na Wei at the helm, Barclays aims to strengthen its position in the leveraged finance market and capitalize on the growing opportunities in this sector.

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