Crypto trading is trendy again with Singapore HFT quant’s departure.

January 12, 2024
1 min read

TTL: Singapore HFT Quant Joins Crypto Market Maker as Researcher

A high-frequency trading (HFT) quant in Singapore has left his position at Jump Trading to join crypto market maker FlowDesk as a quantitative researcher, suggesting that crypto trading is becoming popular once again among traders from traditional financial institutions.

  • Traders from traditional finance institutions may be reintegrating into the crypto market with the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF by the SEC.
  • Kévin Soobraty, a former high-frequency trading quant at Jump Trading, has joined FlowDesk as a quantitative researcher.

Soobraty’s career began as an actuarial quant before he shifted to credit trading with BNP Paribas in Hong Kong. He then joined hedge fund Symmetry Investments and spent three and a half years there before joining Jump Trading’s Singapore office.

Soobraty’s move to FlowDesk does not appear to be connected to Jump Trading’s digital assets division, Jump Crypto, which has faced scrutiny and financial losses that have excluded it from the list of authorized participants for the bitcoin ETF. Rivals Jane Street and Virtu Financial, however, were included on the list.

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