Deriv and BVNK: Empowering Millions with Solana Payments

January 15, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Deriv has partnered with BVNK to enable Solana payments for approximately 2.5 million customers worldwide. The collaboration comes in response to growing demand for digital currency payments, with the market cap of Solana growing by 700% in the past year alone. Deriv plans to expand its crypto payment options in the future.

Deriv, an online brokerage, aims to make online trading accessible to everyone. With over 1,350 employees in 22 global offices, the company is focused on creating a positive work environment. BVNK is a globally-regulated payments platform that aims to make payments borderless, fast, and secure. The partnership between Deriv and BVNK not only enables Solana payments but also allows Deriv to settle funds from South East Asia, saving significant time.

Bernhard Niebsch, Director of Product for Payments at BVNK, highlighted the importance of cryptocurrency payments for brokers and expressed enthusiasm about supporting Deriv’s global growth. Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly important in the financial industry, and this partnership allows Deriv to meet the growing demand from its global customer base.

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