Kneat seals $15m public deal to go global with Cormark Securities.

January 24, 2024
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Canadian company Kneat has successfully completed a public offering, securing $15m in funding. Led by Cormark Securities, the underwriters have committed to purchasing 4,615,600 common shares at a price of $3.25 each. Kneat specializes in developing and marketing its next-generation Kneat Gx SaaS platform, which allows businesses to configure work processes related to equipment and computer validation, quality document management, and more. The platform is designed with regulatory compliance in mind and has been well-received by clients around the world.

Kneat, a Canadian company with operational headquarters in Ireland, has announced the successful completion of a significant public offering. Led by Cormark Securities, the underwriters have committed to purchasing 4,615,600 common shares directly from Kneat’s treasury. The company has secured $15m in funding through this offering, with each common share priced at $3.25. This sizeable investment is expected to drive the company’s growth and expansion efforts on a global scale.

At its core, Kneat specializes in developing and marketing the next-generation Kneat Gx SaaS platform. This versatile platform enables businesses to configure multiple work processes, ranging from equipment and computer validation to comprehensive quality document management.

The Kneat Gx SaaS platform is designed with stringent regulatory compliance in mind, adhering to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 standards. The platform offers functionality for online authoring, reviewing, and approval processes, as well as robust testing and exception management capabilities. Clients around the world have reported substantial productivity boosts and enhanced standards in data integrity and compliance since implementing Kneat’s technology.

This funding round, led by Cormark Securities, is a significant step for Kneat as it looks to expand globally. With its innovative SaaS platform and strong focus on regulatory compliance, Kneat has positioned itself as a key player in the industry. The $15m funding injection will provide the company with the necessary resources to continue its growth trajectory and further establish itself as a leader in the market.

Overall, this public offering is a testament to Kneat’s success and the demand for its cutting-edge technology. With the backing of Cormark Securities and other investment dealers, Kneat is well-positioned to solidify its presence in the global market and drive innovation in the industry.

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