Take Financial News’s Women in the City survey and own it

February 14, 2024
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The City of London continues to struggle with gender parity in the finance industry. Financial News is conducting a survey to gauge the progress made in reducing gender inequality and addressing issues such as the lack of women in senior positions, the challenges faced by women pursuing a career in finance, and the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Financial News has dedicated time and resources to addressing the lack of women in senior positions in the finance industry. Despite efforts to achieve gender parity, finance remains one of the industries with the highest gender inequality. The publication has highlighted various issues faced by women in finance, including menopause attrition, the dearth of women in dealmaking, the challenges of balancing a career and childcare, and the use of non-disclosure agreements to silence sexual harassment victims.

Amidst the ongoing discussions and initiatives, Financial News wants to hear from its readers to gauge the industry’s progress in reducing gender inequality. The survey aims to gather opinions on various aspects, including the influence of the old boys’ club on women’s advancement to the C-suite, the impact of flexible working arrangements and the lack of female role models, the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the use of non-disclosure agreements in cases of sexual harassment.

The survey is fully anonymized to provide a safe space for respondents to share their views. The goal is to gather valuable insights into the current state of gender inequality in finance and assess the effectiveness of existing efforts to address the issue.

As International Women’s Day approaches, Financial News aims to shed light on the progress made in reducing gender inequality in the finance industry. By amplifying the voices of its readers, the publication hopes to contribute to the ongoing conversation and facilitate further improvements in gender parity.

To participate in the survey and share opinions on reducing gender inequality in finance, readers can follow the provided link.

For more information on diversity, inclusion, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters, readers can subscribe to Financial News’ sustainable finance newsletter.

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