Trust tech, crave a human: Relationship banking for the digital age.

February 5, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Relationship banking is a concept that emphasizes trust, shared objectives, and communication between a bank and its business clients. This model has historically relied on a personal relationship manager who acts as a liaison between the bank and the client. However, with the digital transformation of the banking industry, the role of technology in relationship banking is evolving. While technology can streamline routine banking tasks and provide efficiency, the human element of the relationship remains critical. Clear and transparent communication between banks and clients, as well as the availability of knowledgeable and empathetic personnel, are essential for a successful relationship. Both banks and businesses should set realistic expectations for the level of human interaction required and the extent to which technology can enhance the relationship. Ultimately, relationship banking must adapt to the changing banking landscape while still prioritizing the personal connection and mutual success of both parties.

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