XTB UK boosts leadership with experienced finance guru.

January 10, 2024
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  • Kathleen Brooks, a financial markets research specialist, has joined XTB UK as its new Research Director.
  • XTB UK aims to deepen its research offering and provide clients with the best market insights.

Kathleen Brooks Joins XTB UK:

Kathleen Brooks, a well-known financial markets research specialist, has joined XTB UK as its new Research Director. With nearly 15 years of experience working with major retail trading and investment firms in London, Brooks brings extensive market analysis experience to her new role. She has established herself as an expert in financial markets analysis and is often featured in global media outlets like the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. In her new position, Brooks will lead the research team at XTB UK and provide analysis of global financial markets to help clients make informed investment decisions.

Expansion of Product Range:

XTB UK is expanding its product range to include commission-free stocks and ETFs for long-term investing. This expansion aims to attract more passive clients who are not interested in active trading but in saving. In addition to the new product offerings, XTB UK aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create tools that streamline business processes and trading tools for individual traders. This includes hiring a robotics expert as the head of the newly created AI department. XTB UK is also expanding its range of fractional shares to new jurisdictions, including the UK and UAE, in order to foster an equity culture where private investors can partake in the performance of companies they believe hold significant potential.

Key Hire for XTB UK:

XTB UK considers the hiring of Kathleen Brooks as another significant addition to their team. This comes after the company hired a robotics expert for the AI department. Brooks’ skillset is expected to deepen XTB UK’s research offering and provide clients with the best market insights possible. As XTB UK continuously introduces new services and products to acquire new clients, the company is actively hiring for research positions.

Increased Investor Confidence:

XTB UK’s actions, including the expansion of its product range and the addition of experienced professionals like Kathleen Brooks, are translating into increased investor confidence. Among the seven publicly traded FX/CFD brokers, XTB UK’s shares were among the strongest performers in 2023, gaining over 22%. This positive performance shows that investors are responding positively to the company’s strategic moves and are confident in its future prospects.

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