SoFi falls behind Webull in the personal finance app race.

January 10, 2024
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– Webull remains the top-scoring personal finance app, followed closely by SoFi.
– The ranking highlights the top 10 personal finance apps based on their scores and rankings.

In the latest Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps by PYMNTS, Webull remains at the top spot, scoring 83 points. SoFi follows closely behind with a score of 80 points, just one point higher than its previous score. Robinhood retains the third spot with 78 points. Chime Mobile Banking, Mint Personal Finance and Money, and myWisely Financial Wellness share the fourth spot with a score of 75.

In the top 10, Fidelity Investments and Splitwise are tied for the sixth spot with 63 points. Rocket Money stands alone in the seventh spot with 62 points. Expensify Receipts & Expenses climbs one spot to eighth place with 59 points. Albert Save and Spend Smarter drop one spot to ninth place, tying with newcomers Acorns Invest Spare Change and Wallet Daily Budget & Profit, all with 58 points. Empower rounds up the top 10 with 56 points.

This ranking of personal finance apps provides users with an overview of the top options available in the market. The scores reflect the overall performance and user satisfaction of each app. Webull’s position at the top showcases its success in providing users with a comprehensive and efficient personal finance platform. SoFi’s strong performance suggests that it is a close competitor and offers similar value to users.

The ranking also serves as a resource for individuals looking for personal finance apps that suit their specific needs and preferences. It highlights the diverse range of apps available, from banking and budgeting apps to investment and savings apps. By considering the scores and rankings, users can make an informed decision about which app aligns with their financial goals and requirements.

Overall, the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps showcases the competitive landscape of the personal finance app market and helps users navigate through the options available. Whether users are looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their finances or a specialized tool for investments or budgeting, this ranking provides valuable insights into the top players in the industry.

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